Other elaborations

Elaborations in other languages - extras from CD - Year Folder 2013:

- Roman Missal for Oasis - in English - text compilation: Bartłomiej Wątróbski

- Oazovyj Messal - working version, elaboration: Fr. Jarosław Gąsiorek



Materials in Polish:


Brochure - Diakonia for Liturgy of the Light-Life Movement


List of liturgical materials - the list of interesting works and papers, e.g. formation aids and guides, elaborations of Fr. Franciszek Blachnicki and members of the Light-Life Movement, other theological works and liturgical books


Liturgical tasks

- The plan of creating liturgical ministers formation according to the Light-Life Movement programme for a large-city parish

- Liturgical initiation – World Youth Day 2016

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