nowe logo DZDiakonia for Life (the Pro-Life Ministry of the Light-Life Movement) has been in service since 1981 and was established by the founder of the Movement, Venerable Servant of God, Fr. Franciszek Blachnicki.

Our main motivation are the words of St. John Paul II: ‘give yourselves to the service of life, and not death’.

Diakonia for Life ensures that the whole Light-Life Movement serves life:

1.      Our ministry is to proclaim the truth and joy of life, to give courageous testimony about the value of human life from conception until natural death and to worship God for the gift of life.

2.      Our mission is to show the value and beauty of chastity before marriage and of pure love in married life, of fidelity and indissolubility of sacramental love between husband and wife; and also to explain the moral principles in the sphere of transmission of human life.

3.      Our responsibility is to encourage the members of the Light-Life Movement to join works and activities aimed at protection of human life and to explain in what way contraception, in-vitro fertilization and abortion contradict human dignity.

We fulfill our mission by being involved in various life-serving activities. We also organize many types of retreats: retreats for engaged couples, for childless married couples, for couples whose children died (before or after birth), for couples considering adoption or becoming foster parents, for expectant parents, workshops on natural family planning and retreats on the theology of the body.

Diakonia for Life represents the Light-Life Movement in the Polish Federation of Pro-Life Movements.