Features of obtaining a crypto license in Poland

The Polish government has only recently developed rules for regulating the crypto industry. However, many companies have already appreciated the benefits of such a solution. The rules for obtaining a permit here are not much more complicated than in Lithuania, the Czech Republic, or Estonia. You can find out the rules for obtaining a crypto license in Poland here https://gofaizen-sherle.com/crypto-license/poland

The main stages of obtaining a license in Poland

Before you get a crypto permit, you have to go through 3 main steps:

  • Preparation of documents and registration company;
  • Obtaining a PESEL;
  • Registration of an organization in a remarkable state body.

Each of these steps is of particular importance. Businessmen need to register a company in Poland. It can be done remotely. You need to create 2 electronic signatures and rent a legal box and a mailbox for more than a year. You also need to obtain all state fees for legal entities.

The next step is to receive PESEL. It is a unique tax number that both legal entities and individuals must receive. You may apply for this document electronically. If you own a foreign organization, you must provide original documents and translations into Polish. The term for receiving PESEL is a month, but usually, it takes less time.

Registration of a company in the list of crypto companies is the most complex and responsible stage. It involves paying the necessary fees and passing the AML procedure in Polish. If all documents are in order, this stage will take about 2 weeks.

Thus, obtaining a crypto license takes approximately 2 months if you prepare all the necessary papers.

How to complete all the papers correctly?

The most challenging thing in obtaining a license is to collect a list of documents and ensure they are filled out correctly. The required list includes:

  • Certified copies of the founder's passport and translation into Polish;
  • Complete information about the company;
  • Bank account number;
  • Police clearance certificates and much more.

If you own a foreign company, all documents must be in 2 versions: in the original language and translated into Polish. A specialist must do the translation with the appropriate qualifications.

Contact our specialists for help if you want a good result. They will give a full consultation on obtaining a crypto license and answer questions. They can also take over the collection and verification of the necessary documents.

You can give them power of attorney. In this case, you do not need to fly to Warsaw; our specialists will care for everything. It is very convenient for both local and foreign companies.

Today, quite a few people are well versed in all legal issues related to obtaining a license, especially in the crypto industry. Our specialists will be the ideal assistants for you in getting a permit.


Obtaining a license is mandatory for every crypto company that wants to operate legally. It is relatively easy to do this in Poland, but you must go through 3 main steps: register a company, get PESEL and get a license. This whole process usually takes about 2 months.